Happy New Year guys !!
I wish you many awesome things for 2019 and especially an awesome skin!!
I am starting a new beauty routine this month, with THALGO products, mostly made of marine extracts.

I start to introduce you my whole day new routine with the silky smooth cream that I apply on all the body at night before going to sleep the SPA “Indoceane” skincare, inspired by the 5 oceans. It smell a delightful parfum of jasmin and iris. It is really smooth to apply and let a silky skin on the morning.

While the awesome body care cream makes a perfect body skin, I put on my face and neck the Thalgo hydratation booster SOURCE MARINE sleeping cream night-time recovery. This one is quite fluid and fit for all skin types. You can apply it like a cream or like a mask, it’s up to you. When my skin is really tired, I apply it like a mask and rince it on the morning. It deeply moisturized to soften the skin, and reveals its radiance in the aim of having a stunning face on the morning.

As mostly of you know, I am a food supplement lover, so when I saw the Thalgo health food supplement range inspired by the sea, I was already crazy about the idea of testing it. I finish the supplements I was on during December and freshly start this new FOOD SUPPLEMENT cure made of hypertonic marine plasma (according to rené quinton’s marine theory). It contains 84 active marine elements in 20 ampoules made of seawater. I love testing and trying different food supplement / use super food products according the season, mood I am, and way of life. This one is perfect to take care of yourself and balance the beginning of this new year : every single morning during 20 days, have one and it will detox your body if you eat good and healthy food, practice sport. Remember, you are what you eat and you look like what you eat 😛

The daily products I spray on my face during the day is one of the Thalgo beauty brume inspired by the sea : EVEIL DE LA MER. It is kind of a reviving marine mist for all skin types and in a bigger volume for a daily use. You can spray it over your make up if you wish, it energises and remineralises the skin, give a natural and fresh glow before disappearing.

And the best one for the end : the great COLD CREAM MARINE. With the cold winter weather, it is such a blessing for the skin! This  » SOS « soothing mask improves the skin comfort, restorate and deeply moisturizes, especially sensitive skins thanks to an oil made of algae. Thanks to this cold cream, the skin reveals its brightness.

My beauty blogger advice : I love my new routine, the synergie while using few products of the range is awesome. I will share more about my thought after few weeks of test.