Hello girls! I just tried some beauty care products from the French brand Ella Baché and I love it 😍 So here comes my beauty review about these 😍
First of all, I talk with an Ella Baché’s beauty expert that made me a skin diagnostic in order to know more about my skin, beauty routine, what I was looking for a better skin according my current lifestyle.
Nowadays, it is more and more « common » to have some skin diagnostic before getting skin care advices but Ella Baché was one of the first French women chemist to use this kind of process. She was also a pioneer in beauty / skin care products, ready for use wax strip… She also worked on food complement because to have better skin results, eating right complements help a lot as said the quote « beauty comes from inside » 😛
The diagnostic made me see that my skin was pretty impacted by the stress, pollution and very strong solvents I am using to work on our new home. I have a mix skin and seems that those extern stimulus make it kind of acne, oily and shinny. I was diagnosed two awesome products from the PUR’AROMATICS range :
I was so excited to try these ones! I chose to use both of them as a new routine to see the real impacts on my skin.
Indeed, every night on second or third day before having my shower, I use the DEEP CLEANSING EXFOLIATOR to make a skin peeling.
This scrub targets shininess and pimples. A blotting treatment with surprising peeling, absorbent and healing powers. It smell very good and has purifying thyme essential oil and replenishing fishes oil that are great ingredients to get a clear skin, free from inflammation and imperfections.
I wash my face with warm water to clean the impurity and to open the skin pores. I apply a small touch (a pea size) of the exfoliant scrub on my face. I smoothly make small circles with my fingers to make scrub and exfoliate the skin. I let it set on my face for 15 minutes and I clean it with cold water.
After cleaning the face with water, I apply the a thin layer of HYDRA MATTIFYING DETOX CREAM on my face and the neck.
The day after, on the morning, I have a skin ready to have a perfect make up lasting! You can apply this cream also on the morning. My skin stay mattifyed all day and is looking more and more deeply moisturized.
This cream is targeting all shiny / oily skin unsightly concerns. Its efficiency comes from a composition combining replenishing fishes oil, purifying and soothing thyme essential oil and purifying and absorbing talcum powder and zinc oxide.
It promotes a matte smooth appearance while refining pores and progressively eliminating imperfections.
Most of the time, oily skin produces an excess of lipids: sebum. An oily, shiny film covers the entire face, pores are dilated and clogged up with bacteria. It is a « perfect » environment to raise pimples and inflammation. The complexion is totally asphyxiated and has a cloudy look. When we have an oily skin, we tend to clean our face using strong descaling products, thinking that we will eliminate the sebum excess. In reality, the reverse occurs: the more the skin is exfoliated, the more lipids it produces! Hormonal imbalances associated with stress are the main culprits in oily skin.

To go further to purify your skin… Today’s lifestyle (diet, stress, hormonal variations and pollution of the environments…) cause the recurrence of skin problems in adults -that were previously limited to adolescents. A whole troupe of imperfections takes the stage: excess shine, blotchy complexion, dilated pores and pimples. Whether these problems are making our life miserable on an ongoing or occasional basis, the « intensive detox cure » is recommended by ELLA BACHE’S experts to regain a purified body and skin that is clear and clean.
My beauty blogger feedback after these few weeks of use : I have such a crush on Ella Baché brand history and products! The two products that I have been adviced (and I am currently trying!) are perfectly adapted to my skin and make the natural skin beauty sparkle! As I am really satisfied, I will probably give a try to the other products of the range : the absorbant mask index no2 Zn and the index cream no2 for oily skin.
The two skin-cares I am using are cleaning my skin deeply without descaling it. I feel it because it is extra moisturized (my skin is usually dry and feel pretty tight.
I advice you to try this brand and to offer some beauty care products from Ella Baché for Christmas to people you love !!

(I will complete feedback after one full month of use, stay tuned!)

=> update after one month of use : breathtaking how my skin is deeply cleaned up and moisturized !!! I absolutely advice you to try these two products to find your best skin result ! It is perfect as « base » under your make up, no more shiny oily skin at the end of the day, no more need of powder to absorb the sebum at the end of the day. Best moisturizing skin care I have ever tried !